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Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect at my first appointment?

Your cleaners will arrive at your appointment with all necessary cleaning products and supplies. We encourage you to show your cleaner(s) your home, explaining any special instructions or cleaning procedures. You are welcome to stay home during the appointment or leave as necessary.

What cleaning products do you use? Can I request a different product?

Our cleaners use: Pine Sol, Pledge, Sprayway, Scrubbing Bubbles, Lysol, Weiman Stainless Steel Cleaner, Easy Off Oven Cleaner, and Barkeeper’s Friend. If you have another product you’d prefer that our cleaners use, we ask that you supply your chosen product and leave it in an area that the cleaners can access, ie. Kitchen counter. We do not, and cannot, use any products that contain 100% bleach or any amount of ammonia

We are no longer using client products to clean. Due to the added stress, physical effort and wear and tear to our supplies, we have decided not to continue to use personal cleaners. If Pine Sol is an issue for you,  we can dilute the Pine Sol as much as you'd like or use vinegar water. We may also use a steam mop if provided. In these instances, you would need to provide the mop, bucket and vinegar.

How many hours will I need to book for?

If you are a current client who has had two or more cleans, we can calculate how long your current cleans take on average and suggest a minimum timeframe to book for. If you’re finding that there are tasks that you’d like included that the time didn’t allow for, we are more than happy to adjust your hours booked for the next cleaning so that you can have everything you need done. If you find that you get enough tasks done that you need less hours, we can also adjust your timing that way as well.


Slots are available with a minimum of two hours, with additional time booked in half hour increments. For cleaning services lasting longer than 3-4 hours, we will allot additional cleaners as necessary, so that even an 8-12 hour cleaning can be completed within a reasonable amount of time.


If you are a new client, we can calculate and estimate the time your home may need depending on factors like square footage, number of rooms, length of time since last cleaning, etc. During your first clean, we may reach out and suggest more time if you still have areas or tasks that need more time. Alternatively, you can also book an additional slot on another day if you have a different set of priorities that you want done. Feel free to reach out to us to find out an estimate of how many hours you may need and how you can get started!

When should I pay?

For hourly cleans, we require payment to be made by the beginning of the appointment. For move cleans or trash-outs, we require payment at time of booking.

What kind of payment methods do you accept?

We accept Venmo and Credit/Debit cards. For credit and debit cards, we charge an $8.00 surcharge to offset fees. 

I need to cancel my appointment, how do I do that?

You can contact us in many ways to cancel your appointment! Our Facebook messenger or Email address is an easy way to cancel, or you can call us at 715-410-5310

For cancellations, we require a 48 hour notice, please read our cancellation policy here

What counts as a “surface”?

Your clean includes a wipe down of all surfaces, but this does not include couches (ie. Leather couches/chairs), plants, knick knacks, decorative items or fragile/breakable household items.

Will the cleaners move my couch/table/etc to clean underneath?

Due to liability, our cleaners cannot move furniture in order to clean an area. If there is an area that is obstructed by furniture that you would like cleaned, we ask that you move the furniture prior to your cleaning.

Which areas do you service?

Our service area typically includes anywhere within 30 minutes of Hudson, WI.

For move cleans and trash-outs, our radius can go beyond our usual 30-minute mark. Please contact us to find out if we service your area!

If the cleaner finishes early, can I get a refund for the time left?

You will only pay for the amount of time that your cleaner(s) were present at your cleaning. Any unused time will be refunded, or your total will be different than the initial balance to match with the time that your cleaner(s) was present.

Can I change the things I want done every cleaning?

Absolutely! With our new structure, every aspect of your cleaning services is in your hands. We’ll ask you to give us your priorities that are most important to you, and add anything that the cleaner(s) have time to complete, should they have enough time to complete those tasks. You can change your priorities for every single cleaning so that you can personalize it to fit your current needs.


In order to ensure that your updated priorities are communicated to your cleaner in time for your appointment, please send us your priority list no later than 12 hours before the start of your appointment.

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